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Time for kick off

30 Dec

Andy's football cake

After a bit of a break doing many other things, here is the latest cake offering. This one was for Andy’s 25th, resplendent in the yellow and green of his beloved Norwich.

To begin with I baked a very large sponge in my new expandable cake tin set to its biggest. Then I simply iced with pre-coloured green fondant icing, including the board.

Next up, the icing – unfortunately I didn’t have the royal icing quite thick enough (I should have added a touch more icing sugar), but I’d started so I was going to finish! Having said that, I was pretty chuffed at my ability to ice in a straight line – which was probably the hardest part about this one.

After that I made a football out of white icing and drew the classic hexagons on with a black edible pen, made candle stands out of more white icing and little corner flags from red icing and cocktail sticks.

The final task was to locate the players – genuine Norwich Subbuteo men from the ’70s – don’t they look just spiffing?

Subbuteo men on the football cake pitch

And the final task? Blowing out the candles…

Candles lit

No, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten it… this cake was pretty simple, so the Cake-O-Graph skill level line has plummeted quite significantly. But I do think it was also pretty effective so you can see that the quality line is flattening out…

Cake graph


Beginner Baker to Distinguished Decorator?

3 Oct

Welcome to Pieces of Cake, and my very first blog post! By way of introduction, here’s a bit about me and how I got into the business of baking.

My first experience of a homemade, home decorated cake was my christening cake – okay, I may not remember it, but it’s where this all started. That was my mum’s first ever cake, and it was the beginning of her journey into the sometimes extremely stressful, but very rewarding, world of cakes.

As I grew up she had plenty of opportunities to make cakes – not just for my birthdays, but for friends and other family members. And not just birthdays anymore – for any event that could have a cake, she could make a cake. I loved watching her make and decorate these amazing cakes – normally being ‘chief advisor’, and when I was old enough having the immense responsibility of holding the cake en route to its destination. On her first cake decorating evening class, mum took me along – I spent all night perfecting my first ever cake. Frankly, it was a mess. But it was to be the start of something beautiful…

Admittedly, it was a long time before I tried the decorating out on my own, but I had the cooking bug after I moved to university. On my housemate’s 23rd birthday I decided, this was it: I was making and decorating a cake for her.

And from there it grew – it can be stressful and frustrating but it’s also massively enjoyable and a real challenge to try and make each one better than the last (that doesn’t always happen!)

So, my blog will unfold my making and decorating cakes of all shapes, sizes and colours. There may even be some of your common-or-garden baking thrown in for good measure. Everyone loves cookies, muffins and cupcakes, after all!