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In deep waters

27 Oct

Canoe cake

And so we begin cake number three.

Having taken a bite out of the burger of success, I was sure that this cake making business was plain sailing. I couldn’t have been more wrong – I was just about to hit troubled waters…

With this cake I was challenging myself, not only was I going to attempt the infamous royal icing, I was also going to attempt to carve and ice a ‘non-standard’ cake.

My friend Steve kayaks, so the obvious cake was a kayaking cake (although I do believe this is more like a canoe). “Easy!” I thought, “Just cut down the sides, then slide the icing on. Bob’s your uncle.”

Bob, however, is most definitely not my uncle. This was hard. Cutting the cake was shockingly hard and crumbly (I should have left it to cool for longer really, but patience is not my strong point!). Icing it was also a little taxing, but I got there in the end and, using one of the most tried and tested methods of cake decoration, I set about covering my mistakes with various adornments.

Namely rocks and water. As you can see, my first attempt at royal icing wasn’t quite thick enough, so I didn’t get the true choppy effect. But it was OK….

And so I continued with constructing what lovingly became known as “Half Ton Steve”. He is a little fat in this cake. For the sake of Steve I would like to confirm it isn’t in any way to scale. This was the first person I’d made, and to all accounts I didn’t do too bad a job. He looks a little like he might benefit from some extra tuition, but good on him, he’s made it into the canoe and is paddling away in shockingly shallow waters.

There you have it – happy EXTREME birthday Steve! I need to improve my cake writing as well…

As you can all see this wasn’t the most successful of my cakes, but I was happy I’d tried out a few of the more difficult ‘caking’ techniques. I thought a good way to show my progress at this point was with a Cake-O-Graph:

Here, we see that although the overall finished quality of the cake has reduced, the skill level required has increased. There is also a definite improvement in both quality and skills since the bowling cake. This is an entirely self-rated Cake-O-Graph and I will happily take comments and ratings in these categories. If you would like to see more categories please let me know, the Cake-O-Graph is a (semi-)interactive product. Watch out for it in all future blog posts!


Baking Burgers

15 Oct

fininshed burger cake

And so for cake number two: the burger. This one was for Debs’ birthday BBQ, and it seemed fitting to make a burger. This one was inspired by one of my mum’s many cake books.

Now, time to begin. I was feeling confident – I’d made three thin, round sponges, and iced them with pale brown (for the bun) and dark brown (for the burger). This time I managed to get pre-coloured icing, which pretty much removed any chances of a speckled burger. I made some lovely lettuce using green icing, left to set on scrumpled up tin foil to give it that wrinkly effect; some tomato slices with dark and light red icing, a cheese slice and some accessories. These were a spatula (effectively glued to the board as it was a rather delicate affair and fell apart on tra) and a napkin, which was given ‘realistic’ folds by wedging tin foil underneath the corners.

Let the layering commence!

Napkin, bun, lettuce, burger, cheese slice. Note the army of tomatoes preparing for assembly.

burger cake with cheese slice

Next to add the mayo (just royal icing tinted beige). This was actually a really useful glue throughout the whole process, so there’s a layer of mayo at every stage – just not always this much!

And then another layer of lettuce and the tomatoes (something you would not find on any of my real burgers)…

Finally the bun ‘lid’ was added on top (this was another sponge covered in icing), I used my spare extra tomatoes for the candle holders, decorated the napkin and painted the spatula silver…

And for one last finishing touch – no burger is really a burger unless it’s in a sesame seed bun…

There you have it, I’d say it looks good enough to eat!!