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My First Cake

10 Oct



Sponge cake designed into a bowling alley

My very first cake!


As I mentioned in my earlier post, my first cake was for my housemate (Rachel)’s 23rd birthday. She was having a very retro bowling party, so the obvious cake was a bowling alley!

I began by baking a lovely sponge (Delia Smith’s all-in-one is always a winner) and filling it with some scrummy buttercream and jam. Then to the task of icing the cake, and the start of what one might class as a comedy of errors. I only had white rolling icing, so I had to colour it brown (for the alley), but this was not as easy as I’d hoped – the icing was pretty hard and I didn’t get a very even coverage. (see above). Why not? Apparently, I wasn’t massaging the colouring into the icing enough.But it all adds to the effect of wood I told myself. Then I realised (just a little too late) that I’d iced the wrong side of the cake – you wouldn’t get very far bowling down that! As my mum informed me later, I should have flipped the cake over so it had the smooth bottom as the top. Rookie mistake.

Carrying on in the face of cake adversity, I moved on to the lanes – drawing the markers and lines with my best freehand. Those who knew me in art class can vouch for my prowess (or lack thereof) in this form of artistry. Nevertheless, I separated my lanes with a gutter made from two ‘sausages’ of black icing and created some amazing bowling balls to try an disguise some of my mishaps. Finally, I made some smashing bowling pins using a mould which I wedged firmly into the cake with cocktail sticks.

As you can see, I had no cake boards, and so made excellent use of my bread board. The lessons from this cake? A lot of ‘What not to do’s! But it went down well, and tasted great (even if I do say so myself)… Here’s to the next one!

Sponge cake, side on, in the style of a bowling alley

First cake, from the side