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Time for kick off

30 Dec

Andy's football cake

After a bit of a break doing many other things, here is the latest cake offering. This one was for Andy’s 25th, resplendent in the yellow and green of his beloved Norwich.

To begin with I baked a very large sponge in my new expandable cake tin set to its biggest. Then I simply iced with pre-coloured green fondant icing, including the board.

Next up, the icing – unfortunately I didn’t have the royal icing quite thick enough (I should have added a touch more icing sugar), but I’d started so I was going to finish! Having said that, I was pretty chuffed at my ability to ice in a straight line – which was probably the hardest part about this one.

After that I made a football out of white icing and drew the classic hexagons on with a black edible pen, made candle stands out of more white icing and little corner flags from red icing and cocktail sticks.

The final task was to locate the players – genuine Norwich Subbuteo men from the ’70s – don’t they look just spiffing?

Subbuteo men on the football cake pitch

And the final task? Blowing out the candles…

Candles lit

No, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten it… this cake was pretty simple, so the Cake-O-Graph skill level line has plummeted quite significantly. But I do think it was also pretty effective so you can see that the quality line is flattening out…

Cake graph